Monday, July 29, 2013

Salman Khan Gets Angry about the Picture of his girlfriend Lulia!!

Salman starrer Mental has encountered a massive crisis.Salman Khan is livid ,and with reason. Pictures of his current girlfriend Lulia Vantur with her alleged ex-husband Marius Moga splashed in a daily has not gone down well with the star at all.

The fact that Ms Vantur is with Salman in Hyderabad has only worsened his embarrassment and anger.And the discomfort of the Mental unit which is being subjected to the cold treatment by Salman.

The source says, “Bhai is not talking to anyone, not even to Sohail . He keeps to himself and he generally glowers and snaps at everyone.He is working-out twice the normal time to flush out all his anger. We know it is because he is very upset about the way Bhai’s friend(read: Lulia) has been projected as someone with a past. Everyone has a past. Bhai thinks it is very uncool to dig up someone’s past history to spoil her present.”
According to the source, Salman is “very serious” about Lulia.