Monday, August 12, 2013

Crack Vials & Denials: Hotel Impossible Season 3 Episode 1

1. Real people with real issues - no staged fighting, arguing, etc. 2. It's like a travelogue - we get to visit quaint, charming family- owned businesses that are struggling despite the owners bet intentions.

3. And the host is a hoot! His expressions are priceless! A real professional, who sincerely appears to want to help without condescending and disrespecting those who seek his help. What a change from those other shows were people get suckered in and then are treated disrespectfully and - I am sure! - are prodded by producers and host to make asses of themselves for the sake of "drama.

My husband and I are seasoned national and international travelers and business owners that cater to the public, much as these hotel owners do. It's sad to see how many people get into the this business thinking that it will be fun... thank goodness for Mr.Melchiorri and his staff. I sleep a little better in hotels now knowing he's out there... and knowing what to look out for!